• welcome to Bollant group, a comprehensive solution for a cleaner and greener environment and sustainability

  • welcome to Bollant group, a comprehensive solution for a cleaner and greener environment and sustainability



BOLLANT came into existence in the year, 2012, in the month of December, under the larger mission to create employment opportunities for millions of differently-abled people, who are mostly uneducated and unskilled. Since long, there has been an acute need to engage them not only in a suitable job but provide them regular employment which would help them to lead a secure livinghood. The challenge is to identify suitable work for them in mainstream occupations with necessary adaptations. The other challenge is to evolve as a feasible commercial venture, with the underlying objective to create large scale employment opportunities to differently-abled persons.

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Bollant's products

Areca palm trees drop their old leaves naturally thereby, making room for the new leaves. For centuries, these leaves have been used as plates. These leaves can be easily compressed into different shapes and sizes, which can be used to create products that are both beautiful and useful.
Paper products are considered to be one of the safest and most eco-friendly products. Reason being, they are one of the very few truly renewable products that contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Also, they are not just bio-degradable but also beautiful
In addition to Areca leaf products, we also have ply corrugated boxes, solid board boxes, flexible packaging boxes and ridged container packing boxes among others to suit the needs of our customers. These boxes have high tensile strength, are completely eco-friendly, bio-degradable

Addressing a combination if issues

Employment / Economic / Environment

Issue one: An estimated 100 million plus uneducated and unskilled people with varied disabilities desperately need employment for contented living. Persons with a disability find it hard to get educated and trained to get suitable employment. Conservative estimates show 9 out of 10 with physical disability are unemployed.

Issue Two: Indian farmers hardly have structured means to "encash" their agricultural wastes.

Issue Three: In India, huge quantities of plastic and Styrofoam materials are consumed, which is unabatedly causing irreversible environmental degradation endangering normal living.

On the other hand, Eco-friendly products are in short supply, yet to pick up preferential demand and are still uneconomical to provide.

Interestingly, the new needs are arising from the evolved sophisticated living and the dire needs arising from the social concerns on environment wrought by it, ironically though, provides huge scope for creating employment opportunities for the physically challenged people right in addressing both the needs.

BOLLANT which was started as an experiment and a pilot project is fast turning into a successful business model meeting multidimensional needs of modern consumption related needs, of environment sustainability needs and of course the acute need to provide secure livelihood opportunities for the differently-abled. Consequentially, the venture also is expected to result in additional revenue for the farmers.

The Proposition

BOLLANT produces eco-friendly disposable products and packaging solutions for manufacturers out of the natural leaf and recycled paper. Our production units, employ largely uneducated and unskilled people having disabilities. In augmenting the revenue, the company also offers adhesives, printing inks/printing products & intermediate products for the disposable product manufacturers. BOLLANT currently operates from five manufacturing units and has sales crossing 70 million each year. BOLLANT is best managed by a team of committed professionals led by the technocrat founder Mr. Srikanth Bolla, Ms.Swarnalatha Takkilapati, Mr. S. Prabakar Reddy and Mr. Ravi Mantha.

BOLLANT has support from a set of investors who believe that the company has the potential to make highly positive large-scale multidimensional social impact while progressively running a very profitable enterprise. They also believe that it is destined to grow as fast and as attractively as any other fast paced business venture.

The Comprehensive Solution

Our business model offers a green solution to our customers. We provide an excellent selection of biodegradable and compostable plates and bowls which are easily disposable.

We take pride in making useful products by using agricultural waste which includes leaf husk of various plants and glue aggro paper.

BOLLANT Industries major objective is to employ differently-abled people and also help in environment restoration by producing products which would help everyone to say no to plastic products.

Our quest is to find solutions which will help us to address problems such as protect the environment from plastic products and also offer an equal right of employment to differently-abled people. We not only provide them vocational training, but we also offer them guidance.

We ensure that production and work environment is suitable for them so that they can perform work with ease. We monitor employees’ progress and offer them relevant training which will help in filling the skill gaps.

For farmers, the agricultural waste can be a cash crop. Previously farmers usually burnt or disposed off the agricultural leaf wastes but with the advent of paper products made from agricultural leaves waste, farmers can now have the second harvest.

We not only cater to local customers but international customers as well. We also support waste pickers as well as leaf traders by making them active partners in our supply chain.

Our enterprise is managed by trained and successful professionals, and they work to enhance the employment of people having disabilities. We provide stiff competition to traditional players. We wish to create preferential demand for eco-friendly products produced by our company.